From the Workbench

“June Issue” The time has finally come! I am creating a monthly newsletter to share what I’m working on, what new items I’m rolling out, and some general musings for your reading pleasure. I’m sure over time it will change some but everything has to have a starting point. And yes, this is, like, a […]

Leather Tools and Tips!

Here I am going to share my favorite tools, tips and relevant links etc. One of the tools I use a bunch and is a real time saver is a strap cutter. So much so I even did a video. And here is a link to the item on Amazon (yes its an affiliate link) […]

New Year’s Resolutions are Stupid and Detrimental: Seriously!

By Donald R Dodson, Jr So, a lot of you have been talking about New Year’s resolutions, and I thought I would put in my $2.52 worth. Plain and simple, New Year’s resolutions are stupid, ineffective and, ironically, detrimental to achieving your goals. Here is why. The whole concept is kind of naïve and short-sighted, […]

I Love Badasses

I love badasses. Badasses get shit done. Period. Its part of their make up. I see it a lot in creative folks and entrepreneurs. They are consummate problem solvers because they have the desire to do a thing. It might not be pretty. It might not be perfect, but it gets DONE! I personally know […]

Launching a Custom Leather Video Tutorial Series and other updates

So, I finally (it took like a year) got my crap together and have started pulling together a custom leather video tutorial series that explain how to make a basic leather pouch. And, while its not a very large pouch, the idea is that many of the concepts, skills, and techniques one would need to […]

One Thousand Stitches

1000 Stitches One thousand stitches. Yup, that’s a lot. Not only is that the average amount of stitches that is needed to assemble, by hand, one of our messenger bags, but it is also symbolic. It symbolizes the care with which we craft EVERY product we make. It encapsulates the attention to detail we put […]

Welcome to Dodson Designs Handcrafted Leather blog

Welcome to Dodson Designs’ inaugural post. This blog will be about many things. It will, of course be about the creative handcrafted leather goods we craft and leather in general. We will discuss creation, construction, techniques, and even tutorials. I will share my builds and my process, too. You will see what goes into making […]