Leather Tools and Tips!

Here I am going to share my favorite tools, tips and relevant links etc.

One of the tools I use a bunch and is a real time saver is a strap cutter. So much so I even did a video.

And here is a link to the item on Amazon (yes its an affiliate link)

Another Item I use a great deal and find to be super useful and a good bargain is the Diamond chisel for making stitching holes. This is a great tool because you can switch out the tips.

A stitching groover is a great tool to not only make attractive borders on the leather, but also to make a groove that can give a slot for the thread to sit in and reduce wear! This one has two different removable tips and has an adjustable/removable guide that allows you to adjust the inset of a border or line, or remove it altogether to use it freehand.