Badass Bags are a new line of premium, high-end, handcrafted leather bags and accessories by Dodson Designs’. Badass Bags are made with the utmost attention to detail, finest materials, and impeccable construction.

NOT your Father’s Briefcase

Our bags and accessories are for leaders who want to set themselves apart from the crowd. Warriors who have seen struggles and aren’t afraid to show their scars and that tough side. For rebels and free-thinkers who have paved their own way and have no desire to fit some corporate mold. Simply put, you are a badass and you are proud of it […and you want everyone to know it]. […and you aren’t afraid to show it]

Bringing that Attitude to Life

You see, when you walk into a meeting, or travel, one of the first things someone notices is what you are carrying. It’s a pretty big canvas to represent you, your brand, and your personality, why not express yourself? Why not set a bold tone and, yeah, maybe even intimidate just a little – or even a lot!

More Than a Pretty Face

We use the finest thread and hand-stitching that will hold up to hard use. Each bag can have over hundreds or even thousands of stitches!

Custom Handmade Construction
Because Bad Ass Bags are entirely made by hand, this allows us to create a perfect custom bag. You want hand-forged steel or iron buckles and d-rings for your warrior-inspired bag? We can do it! Need antler horn buttons, and tooling for a down to earth look? Sure! Sterling silver or chain-maille accents ? We can do it! Bad Ass Bags are all about creating a usable, lifelong bag that will help express yourself and put you in front of the pack!

Premium Materials
We use the highest quality materials for your bag. That means the best leather we can find, American -made hardware, and even the best quality thread. Not only do we handcraft our bags, but all hardware is also sourced from American craftsman and veteran owned companies. Fittings and hardware are often forged and fabricated by hand. Not only does this allow us to ensure quality and perfect custom options, but it lets you know that you are supporting American small businesses.

What to Expect
All Badass Bags are constructed to be beautiful, sturdy, and functional. Your unique needs are designed and incorporated into each individual bag from additional pockets or specific placements to adding personalized tooled details. Our design principle is that it must be functional AND serve you. These are tools as much as they are personal statements, so they should work for you.

Of course, all this hard work takes time. A lot of time! We make your bag by hand and good quality work should not be rushed. Not counting special hardware construction, some items could take as much as 30-50 hours to make, with delivery averaging 6-8 weeks, currently.

So, if you are ready to show the world what you are made of, proudly, then contact us about a Badass Bag. We will get to know you and together we will build a bag that will have everyone drooling and saying, “Hey! That’s a badass bag!”