From the Workbench

“June Issue”

The time has finally come! I am creating a monthly newsletter to share what I’m working on, what new items I’m rolling out, and some general musings for your reading pleasure. I’m sure over time it will change some but everything has to have a starting point. And yes, this is, like, a month late. because I am figuring the system for this…multiple platforms, lots of orders, , very little time, yada yada. 

So first, a few fun pictures of what I’ve been working on this month! (June) (There were several projects on the bench this month!

Finishing up the leaf armor marked the completion of my Etsy backlog! (Yes, I was really that busy). I was really happy with how these turned out though.

That lovely handtooled purse is nearly completed and some days tooling took place during zoom meetings, and in between other task, but it is coming along nicely.

For those of you who have been following along on my Facebook, the Mandalorian work is coming along nicely. I have been trying to share progress photos each Monday for those of you watching it come to life.

I guess if anything, I have my modeling career to fall back on. 😂 Here is from one from International Steam Punk day and the recent photo shoot I got to do.

Promo Packages are in the works.

After teaming up with Annette on her custom journals and client appreciation gifts, I decided I wanted to make that available to my other business owner friends.

Right now I am figuring out what packages will look like and what I am offering.

If you want to talk and get on the list to be one of the first to get these promo packages, just shoot me a message.

I’m opening the wait list for custom bags.

The time has come again, I am taking orders for custom bags, satchels, and laptop cases. Do you have someone you really want to impress or that hard to shop for person?

Now is the time to get your requests in for Christmas. Click here if you want to get on the list.

With that I’m back to the bench…

If you want to talk about custom pieces, follow my work, or just shoot the breeze, feel free to reach out on social media or through my email.

While my work does keep me business, I’m still available to talk and support my fellow vets and business owners.

Keep grinding on my friends,

Donald Dodson