I Love Badasses

I love badasses.

Badasses get shit done. Period. Its part of their make up. I see it a lot in creative folks and entrepreneurs. They are consummate problem solvers because they have the desire to do a thing. It might not be pretty. It might not be perfect, but it gets DONE!

I personally know of craftsman who’ve made do with what they have. Cobbling shit together because they couldn’t yet afford to invest in a forge, or a proper torch or a pottery wheel. But the desire to create pushed them to make do.

We can’t always start with the proper tools, but that doesn’t mean we can’t START! Don’t fall victim to the “I can’t because…” trap. Instead, think about what you CAN do to make it happen. Remember that most of this isn’t new. It’s been done – in some form — for centuries.  People have been painting, smithing, weaving and selling for millennia. They just did not have all the cool shit we have today.

It’s really a mindset of sorts. The “Make shit happen somehow” mindset. The inspiration and the information IS out there. The whole of the internet is a vast treasure trove of badassery. Reach out to someone who knows a little more. Don’t be afraid to get inspiration from other crafts and fields. That different perspective will inspire new ideas or ways of looking at a problem. (which is really what being creative is about anyway).

More on this later. But, for now, lets channel that badassery and Make Shit Happen!