Launching a Custom Leather Video Tutorial Series and other updates

So, I finally (it took like a year) got my crap together and have started pulling together a custom leather video tutorial series that explain how to make a basic leather pouch. And, while its not a very large pouch, the idea is that many of the concepts, skills, and techniques one would need to learn leather making are covered at a basic level.

Stitching an item by hand!

Ideally a person would have at least a pretty good idea how to make a bunch of different things after watching these episodes and using the techniques. I am still editing the other videos (and learning some basic video-editing in the process), but I should be able to drop an episode every week or so.

Additionally, I plan on some basic videos on things like tools, leather dyeing, leather in general, and some other techniques and projects as I figure out what people want to know about. Here is the first episode of the custom leather video tutorial series. This one features some basic about selecting and using leather for a project:

UPDATED: Here is Episode 2 which discusses using a patterns and cutting leather. I cover the basics of using a pattern and some design stuff. I also cover cutting leather and share some tips, techniques and tools that make things easier.

In an other angle, I am considering operating a Patreon or Patreon-like page so that supporters have options rather than just buying items or can support at a level they are more comfortable with. Ideally, a steady stream allows me to focus on the more artistic and fun aspects of my business. More on that after I am done polling my audience to determine if this has enough interest.

I will be just looking to add more content, well, everywhere. More content in my blog, videos, facebook, etc. More items in my etsy shop, exploring additional e-commerce sites (maybe Amazon Hand-made?) as well as some a store on here, as well. I am already collaborating with some folks on content. More on that as it develops.

Lastly, collaboration is something I hope to amp up as well, and working on collaborating with some other entrepreneurs to team up to create awesome products that benefit us both!