Holiday Specials

Yeah, Everyone knows how this goes.
You’re scrambling last minute for the perfect (or not so perfect) solution for a holiday gift. Funds are limited and there is only so much time.
Then folks turn to a craftsman like me wanting a handmade item by Christmas. But that quality item can only be created so fast. I ended up working til Christmas Eve just so I could help as many people as possible.
Wouldn’t it be better to have all that shopping taken care already? Well, I have a solution.
For a partial payment I can get started on your perfect gift NOW. And then, it will be ready in time for your holiday gift-giving and you’ll already have paid for most of it, so you have more for those last minute things. Or at least you’ll have the comfort of knowing your gifts are already taken care of.

So what do I do next?

The first thing is you need to decide is what you are interested in purchasing . You can choose from a list of popular items that we often for folks, or you can have something totally customized. We love offering you choices so even our “standard items” can have some flexibility in terms of color, size, etc. Simply just ask! We’ll have a list of standard items shortly.

Once you have decided on an item, you can contact us to order and we’ll finish with any needed details.

Payment. Most of our items require a down payment. This allows us to pay for the materials and reserves your place in the queue. In some cases we will create an invoice that sets up a recurring payments so you don’t have to pay a large sum when your item is done. We usually have a chat to determine what works best for for us both.