I am a life-long artisan who loves sharing my passion with others. I am most passionate about creating something that is not only artistic, interesting and creative; but something that has an inherent practical use to the client. Functional art at it’s finest.

Quite simply I love making cool, creative stuff that makes people happy!

With decades of experience in the creative sphere I like to bring those skills to everything I do. In addition to leather working; woodworking, painting, jewelry making and metal-work have all been known to make appearances in my creations. We focus on creating a quality product of which we can be proud. That pride extends to not only WHAT is created but HOW its made. Our creations are hand-made from start to finish. We focus on the details and have total control in the creation process. From tooling and hand-dyeing the leather to stitching the finished product by hand the focus is on the processes that go into a quality product. Quality is not a product of speed, but of care.

Dodson Designs is a veteran -owned and operated business run by Donald R Dodson, Jr. a 20 year Army Combat veteran.

Here is one of our odd projects that recently received some attentionĀ http://abc27.com/2017/09/12/midstate-land-of-oz-raises-money-for-charities/