Welcome to Dodson Designs Handcrafted Leather blog

Welcome to Dodson Designs’ inaugural post. This blog will be about many things. It will, of course be about the creative handcrafted leather goods we craft and leather in general. We will discuss creation, construction, techniques, and even tutorials. I will share my builds and my process, too. You will see what goes into making our products.

 Handcrafted Leather Vertical Messenger Bag
10 x12 Vertical Messenger Bag

But I will also share the passion that goes into what I do. I love to create things and make people happy from that finished outcome (Nothing beats a great testimonial!). In the end I am an artist and creator first; leather just so happens to be my medium of choice.

You will also discover that I love making not only well crafted, handmade leather bags, but also creative “geeky” items in the steampunk, cosplay and “Renn Faire” genres. Some of my items are just for that other cross genres and can be used every day! First and foremost, I love art that is practical.

Custom Hand-tooled Journal Handcrafted Leather construction
Custom Hand-tooled Journal

I am also going to discuss the business of being a working artist and a veteran. I am often in the position to help and coach others in building their business when business is not their thing. Artisans aren’t always good business people, so I will share articles and such on social media, marketing, and tech that makes the business part a little easier and a little less complicated.

Well, hell, the reality is this blog is going to be a lot of different sh*t. Oh, yeah, I might use some strong language from time to time. I am a veteran and swearing is in our blood. Seriously though. I hope to share knowledge I have gained, promote what I do and the cool shit others make, too. So with that, enjoy! And go make good stuffs!